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Importing cosmetics from countries outside of the E.U

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Organic certification of cosmetics

Regulatory training

Pôle Cosmétique offers you Training Modules

Our expertise in cosmetic regulation to your service

Starting your cosmetics brand or importing cosmetic products from a country outside of the European Union requires complying with the European regulation on cosmetics, which is very strict and complex. Moreover, organic certification of cosmetics involves a number of additional requirements.

Pôle Cosmétique offers several solutions for customers who lack the necessary knowledge in the field of regulatory affairs or the qualifications required legally to exercise such an activity:

  • Pôle Cosmétique trains, assists, and advises its customers on the current regulation
  • Pôle Cosmétique takes care of all the regulatory steps  for you while producing under your brand
  • Pôle Cosmétique offers permanent regulatory monitoring

Pôle Cosmétique has an expertise in:

You get more time to dedicate to the other essential aspects of your project such as the execution of a marketing strategy.

Réglementation cosmétique
Réglementation cosmétique

Placing your cosmetic product on the market

Unlike pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products do not require marketing authorization in France or Europe. Nevertheless, the responsible person must guarantee that the product is harmless to human health and ensure compliance with the regulation. Consequently, placing your cosmetic product on the market requires:

  • Its notification to the European Commission, henceforth possible via the new European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal ( CPNP),
  • Preparation of the product information file (PIF), which must be kept at the address indicated on the label
  • Regular updates of PIF
  • Complying with the labeling requirements

Pôle Cosmétique, always at the cutting edge of the regulation, complies with the new European regulation already which revises the cosmetic directive 76 / 768 / EEC and will become compulsory on July 11th, 2013.

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