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Organic certification of cosmetics

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Organic certification of cosmetics

"Certified Organic" label claims require approval from a certification company such as Ecocert, which will assess the whole production process, with a view to ensure high quality cosmetic products, to favor the use of natural substances and products from organic farming and to foster an ecological approach.

Pôle Cosmétique is commited to Ecocert and can take care of the certification process of cosmetic formulas developped for you as well as labeling, packaging and manufacturing. In order to market cosmetic products under your own brand with such label claims as "Certified Organic by Ecocert", you will also have to commit to Ecocert.

The launch of a certified organic range requires that all your subcontractors are hired by a certifying body.

The label Cosmétique: Cosmébio

The BIO green logo guarantees that:

  • 95% of ingredients are natural or natural
  • 95% minimum of plant ingredients are organic
  • 10% of the ingredients of the finished product are organic

The ECO blue logo guarantees that:

  • 95% of the ingredients are natural or natural
  • 50% minimum of the plant ingredients are organic
  • 5% minimum ingredients of the finished product are organic
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