On-demand formulation
of cosmetics

Formulation of your cosmetic product is a crucial step of your project. It must be unique yet consistent with the strict European regulatory requirements for marketing of innovative products. Optimisation of product formulation will ensure quality of your product and your brand profitability.

That is why we pay great attention at assessing your needs correctly and formulating products that perfectly match your expectations:

  • Texture : creamy, smooth, non greasy...
  • Efficacy : moisturizing, soothing, anti-wrinkle...
  • Smell : musky, woody, fruity, flowery...
  • Formulation : standard or ecological and organic
  • Aspect, color, preservation...

The formulation phase is a phase of exchange during which Pôle Cosmétique sends you product samples and optimises the formulation according to your suggestions.

Our cosmetic expertise allows us to develop innovative products that meet your specifications. All our formulae are subject to the necessary tests according to the current regulation where container-content compatibility is checked as well. We use carefully selected high-quality raw materials. The efficacy of the active principles we use is proved by objectified studies (in vitro & in vivo tests), which guarantees an effective valuation of your product in terms of marketing.

Pôle Cosmétique does not operate with standard formulae. Instead we develop unique, custom-made and exclusive products according to your specifications.

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