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Is regulation an innovation-inhibiting factor?

Thrusday, April 12th 2014

Every year, we can find in big box stores more and more brands, new products with original textures and advertising claims ever more promising. In this area where competition is fierce, we must create innovation. However, cosmetic regulation is more and more severe, especially since the European regulation’s modification has been in effect on July 11, 2013, but that’s not all. Indeed, due to their (many) exigencies, REACH and CLP regulations,  restrictions for using CMR and nanomaterials in cosmetic products and the IFRA Amendment in particular, delay suppliers, manufacturers and service providers in their race for novelty.  They must do a lot of toxicological tests before put a new product or a new substance on the market, but they also have to perform an assessment of the effectiveness of the product to claim particulars pertaining to benefits among consumers. All that leads to a significant loss of time and money for suppliers and manufacturers. Marketing teams must then tweak it for not having a more significant increase in the cost of launching new products due to regulatory costs.

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postheadericon More than a private label cosmetics manufacturer

Pôle Cosmétique is a must-have Contract Manufacturer in the cosmetics industry. We work with clients worldwide, including UK, France, Germany, USA and many other countries. We offer more than simple private label products which you can choose from. We discuss your needs and provide the expertise of a French cosmetics manufacturer to offer you high quality products formulated according to your specifications and packaging designed for you. We are able to guide you through every step from your initial idea to the final, ready-to-market product under your own brand. You will benefit from our skills and from our individual and personalized consultancy services. The only thing you will have to do is develop a marketing strategy for your state-of-the-art product.

Pôle Cosmétique does not only deliver bulk products. We offer personalized or full service according to your needs. Formulation, Manufacturing, Packaging, Cosmetic Regulation, Creation of the visual identity of your brand are some of the multiple services that we provide.


Our Motto is Customization



Whether you want to develop a range of face care, body care or hair care products, we offer you our expertise and adaptability. Each of our products is uniquely developed in accordance with your specifications. We assure the highest level of quality and deliver at your earliest convenience. Committed to Ecocert we are also able to offer certified organic products.

In addition to product development we are ready to help you identify your needs and advise on which product variations you might be looking for and which are most likely to create value and differentiate you in the market. These personal consultancy and follow-up services make us your collaboration partner rather than a mere subcontractor.

Pôle Cosmétique combines 6 areas of expertise in a single contact which gives you the following benefits :

  • You save time in your project.
  • Your project is gaining consistency, homogeneity and higher quality.
  • You avoid having multiple intermediaries and cut on the associated transportation costs.
  • You benefit from our expertise in cosmetic regulation.

Quality, Flexibility and Response are at the heart of our services.

Pôle Cosmétique is a must-have Private Label Manufacturer which enables you to have a single contact in the cosmetic industry. We concretize your projects which benefit from our skills and from our individual and personalized follow-up. We support you from your initial idea until the delivery of your final product under your brand. Your products are ready to be marketed and you have more time to dedicate to your marketing strategy.

Formulation, Manufacturing, Packaging, Cosmetic Regulation, Creation of the visual identity of your brand, Development of your show case or e-commerce website, Pôle Cosmétique does not only deliver the bulk product. We offer a full service or free choice according to your needs. Training sessions are also available to make you become more independent.