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Importing cosmetics from countries outside of the E.U

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Importing cosmetics from countries outside of the E.U.

The import declaration of cosmetic products from a country outside of the European Union is subject to strict regulation which involves the following three compulsory steps:

  • Registration of the importing company (in France, the company should be registered at ANSM, formerly AFSSAPS, by appointing qualified responsible persons)
  • Preparation of the product information file for each product you import (formula)
  • Notification of your products to the European Commission; henceforth possible with the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)

One of the biggest challenges with importing a product into E.U. is the lack of required qualifications. Qualifications are required to be responsible towards the National Agency for Medicinal and Health Product Safety (ANSM), but also for the safety assessment included in the Product Information File (PIF).

Pôle Cosmétique makes your import project easier by taking charge for definition of the PIF and notification of the product to the relevant authorities. As far as your business registration is concerned, the persons from Pôle Cosmétique with the required qualifications assume the responsibility.

You keep control of your project without having to worry about regulatory restrictions that could hold you back.

Importing cosmetics from countries outside of the E.U

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