Your own cosmetics line

... and take all the advantages of high quality "Made in France" cosmetics!

Pôle Cosmétique offers all the expertise of a French manufacturer for launching your line of cosmetics under your brand name.

We develop custom-made products from formulation to packaging. More than mere private label cosmetics, we deliver unique, ready-to-market products, based on your vision and your requirements.

Pôle Cosmétique helps you launch your line of face care, body care, hair care, ethnic cosmetics or organic certified products, from small (> 50 kg) to large (> 1 ton) series, according to your budget.

Here are the typical steps of a project from your vision to the finished product:

  • First of all, we precisely define what you wish to develop in terms of product type (body, face or hair care), specific covered needs (moisturizing, smoothing, anti-age, anti-dandruff, firming, energizing, anti-acne), texture, fragrance, packaging ( glass jar + screen printing + carton sleeve , PE bottle + airless dispenser + label ) and specific characteristics (organic certified, for darker skin, with apricot oil).

  • Then, we make a quote for the development of your products.

Once you have accepted the quote and placed an order we can start the formulation process.

STEP 2formulation
  • Our laboratory formulates your products and sends you the first series of samples.

  • You test the samples and give us feedback on what you think about product's texture, fragrance and effect.

  • We make the necessary adjustments and send you a new series of samples for validation.

  • Once the product formula has been accepted, we launch a series of preservation and safety tests. In particular, we perform the challenge test (preservative efficacy), the stability test (durability) and the patch test (skin irritation).

  • We compile the regulatory cosmetic file (the product information file (PIF))

  • As an option, in the case of organic certified products, the certification process is performed at the same time.

  • According to your requirements, we take care of the design for your labels, screen printing and carton sleeves.

  • We integrate all the mandatory labeling information in accordance with the regulation.

  • We order the raw materials and packaging items.

  • The bulk product is manufactured.

  • Finally, the product is filled, labeled and packed in its final packaging.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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