Packaging solutions
that add value to your cosmetic products

A unique cosmetic formulation requires a unique packaging solution. We guide you in your choice of jars and bottles as well as decoration techniques. Our experience will help you obtain the packaging you imagined for your product. We can offer a wide variety of combinations from simple to luxury packaging solutions, based on the following options:


Shape : bottle / jar, cylindrical / square based / flat / special shape

Material : clear glass / frosted glass, PET, PP, PE, SAN, etc.

Color : transparent, translucent, opaque (white / color impregnated), pearly, etc.


Screen printing (one-color, two-color or more)

Hot stamping (gold / silver)

Labels (white / clear)


Cardboard weight and texture

Color printing hot stamping / embossing

Finish (varnish, coating)

Besides, Pôle Cosmétique can also take care of the graphic design of your packaging and labels.


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